Transformation: What Would You Love to Create? Receive?

What do you long to create this year?  In the continuous cycle of giving and receiving, what would you love to receive?

This year, instead of running “out there” to “get” or instead of sitting right where you are now, waiting to “attract,” I’d love to offer you something far more sustainable and fulfilling.

Consider for a moment the energetic difference between getting, attracting and creating.

What does each feel like?

If you are anything like me and my private coaching clients, you may find getting to be exhausting and attracting to be frustrating or some variation of each.

What makes creating truly different?

While you are not in charge of what you can get or what you can attract, you are always in charge of what you create!

Do you want to create or re-create your coaching business?  Good.  Then coach every day and ask people to pay you.  Do you see the difference between that and trying to get clients or waiting for clients to show up? 

It’s subtle and it changes everything.

Do you want to finally write your book this year? Great.  Then write four pages every day.  Can you sense the difference between that and buying a book-writing system or hoping you’ll have the time to write?

Creating holds you accountable.  Receiving naturally follows creating.  As you create your coaching business, you receive clients, income and fulfillment.  As you write your book, you receive your own body of work, new opportunities and fulfillment.  As you create, you begin to realize your infinite capacity to create. 

Thriving Work - the book

What were you born to create?

If you are ready to immerse yourself in the creation process and would love an amazing coaching partnership in that endeavor, I will have an opening for a new client the end of January and another the end of February.

If you have an inkling that you would love to create a partnership with me as your coach, reply to this email and we’ll schedule some time for us to explore that.

In December, I created play in two areas: 21 intuitive paintings in 21 days and tremendous learning around StrengthsFinder™ from an advanced training.  I then took two weeks off to integrate.  I really stretched myself and feel so renewed and invigorated, ready to create more!

To our delicious creating and receiving!

P.S. Speaking of delicious creating, My client, Emma Skala, proprietress of The Shoppe here in Denver creates a dozen new cupcake flavors every single month!  My favorite this month: French Toast.  She told me she could create new cupcakes every month for the next 20 years!!!  Now that’s creating. 

French Toast cupcake

She is featured this week on the Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets” the Wild West Sweets episode, first airing at 10:30 pm ET.  How’s that for creating?!?

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