What Are These Weird Times Calling You To?

In addition to natural disasters, racial and political unrest and mass shooting tragedy, many of my clients and friends are also experiencing weird, challenging and unsettling personal circumstances.

I’m no exception. I’m experiencing unrest in my business, with my mother and in my health. I’ve found that I’ve had to become disciplined about increasing my meditation practice, exercise, spending time alone in nature, speaking kindly to myself and asking for help.

What Are These Weird Times Calling You To?
Focusing on the beauty of the mud pattern in the arroyo

And then it occurred to me: maybe that’s what I’m being called to.

So what do I want to focus on? All of the weirdness and challenges or the opportunity to spend more time with my God, my body, the great outdoors and my loved ones who’re helping me?

So what about you? Does your life feel weird and uncomfortable right now? What might be calling you?

As always, post your comments, experiences and insights below . . .

2 thoughts on “What Are These Weird Times Calling You To?”

  1. Kelle, you’re so welcome! So great to notice that you can shift your focus a bit. Also, loving and appreciating yourself even when you wish you could behave differently. Imagine the world if we all unconditionally loved ourselves.:)

  2. Yes it was a weird week for me. Unfortunately I got a little hyper focused on the weirdness and discomfort, getting caught up in feeling bad/not quite right. I’m grateful for your post and sharing the weirdness in the bigger picture. I remembered to start asking myself what is feeling right or not bad and what I can do vs noticing how little I can do as I’m healing from some health stuff. Pacing myself as best I can and appreciating and loving myself with desire to go deeper and do even more.


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