What If You Didn’t Hate to Sell?

Right now, several of my clients are looking at how to sign up more clients.  They all feel challenged because they either hate to sell, wish they didn’t have to sell or both.  Maybe you can relate?

So, we’re looking at their love of deep meaningful conversation.  We’re coaching around how they love to know what’s really going on for potential clients.  We’re diving deep into how those people’s lives and businesses would change, even transform, if they hired my client.

So what about you?  If you reconsidered selling as a deep, meaningful conversation, what might shift for you?  If you realized that finding out what’s really going on for someone might be an opportunity to offer your help, how would that feel to you?

What If You Didn’t Hate to Sell?

Photo credit: Harli Marten on Unsplash.com

If you had these wonderful conversations with your whole focus on the other person and her world, might that help take your self-conscious focus off your feelings about “selling”?

As always, post your comments, experiences and insights below . . .

3 thoughts on “What If You Didn’t Hate to Sell?”

  1. Ken, in all the sales training I’ve taken, I’ve never heard of “partnership selling.” That’s so wonderful!

    So someone has come to me (or you) because they are looking for something they think I might offer. I then partner with them to explore what they’re looking for and what might truly solve that for them. If I have that solution, great! If I don’t, I help them toward whomever might.

    So simple. So clean. So clear.

    Thank you!

  2. I was most always a top-producing sales person in the various optical companies I worked with, and it never felt like “selling” to me. Some teacher somewhere (whom I sincerely wish I could thank!) taught me about “partnership selling.” My position or attitude was to explore what needs to be changed or improved or whatever (from their point of view), and did I have or know something that would help. I’d send them across the street if that would be in their best interest. (Miracle on 34th St!)

    I somehow conveyed (since it was true) that I really wanted what was best for them, including budget considerations.


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