You Are a Bright Light

Yesterday morning as I was meditating, I realized that each and every one of us is a bright light.

This realization brought a huge smile to my face. The understanding is so obvious and, at the same time, it seems quite easy to find lots of exceptions.

And yet, there are no exceptions.

You are a bright light.

Take that in. What’s it like for you to acknowledge yourself as a bright light?


So beautiful that each of our lights shine differently . . .

Let’s experiment. What would it be like to go through our day today remembering that we are bright lights and so is everyone we encounter?

I love this experiment! I will report my findings next week and I would love to hear yours.

And, in this moment, what are you noticing? Insights? New perspectives?

7 thoughts on “You Are a Bright Light”

  1. Teresa, it’s wonderful to hear from you. I love your idea of noticing daily one especially bright light and adding them to your gratitude list each day.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your delightful idea! I just this moment noticed that the word “light” is in the middle of “delightful.” How fun is that?!?

  2. What a splendid idea! I’m going to focus on this, and look for one especially bright light to add to my gratitude list each evening.

  3. Well, we can joke about dim bulbs, and, at the end of the day, there is no such thing! I’ve been practicing seeing the bright light in people and situations that I often find challenging.

    When I take the time to look beyond what I see as challenging, I do find the bright light! Truly amazing.

    And, should I not be able to see the bright light in a moment, it’s simply a reminder that I’m human and to hold it lightly. 🙂 Yes, I suppose, pun intended!

  4. So, no more jokes about dim bulbs???

    In this exact moment, I can see myself and everyone around me as a bright light, and thanks for the reminder. And now, may I carry this into the future. May I remember this brightness in all or at least in many of the odd moments yet to come.


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