Your Business Will Succeed Only When You Learn to Sell, part I

Many coaches tell me they don’t like to sell and don’t want to sell.  Conjuring up an image of the stereotypical used car salesman, it’s easy to understand their distaste.  
Yet if we don’t “sell,” we fail the potential client in front of us.  We also marginalize the miraculous value of coaching that moves that client through fear to bringing their Big Dream into reality. And, we diminish our own business, or worse, never get it off the ground.
Are you willing to pay such a high price?  
Or, would you consider allowing me to guide you in moving through your own fear to five new mindsets about selling that feel honorable and energizing?
1.  Know your “Why,” what you deeply desire for you and your clients.

One of my client’s commitment involves walking in her own shoes, rather than her mother’s. She’s passionate about telling stories that inspire her clients to walk in their own shoes, rather than their mothers.’  Another teaches diversity and inclusion by sharing her own bias, creating conversation that uncovers her client’s bias and then facilitating awareness to move beyond those barriers.  I came out of the womb passionate about self-employment.  One of my greatest joys involves creating my thriving business and helping my clients create their thriving businesses from the specificity of our own strengths and passions.  
What are you committed to, passionate about and deeply desiring for you and your clients? Dig deep until you’re describing something you must do.
2. Demonstrate leadership.

Leading your potential client flies in the face of typical coach training that tells us, “The client is in charge.  The client sets the agenda.”  Yet for your potential client to know, like and trust you enough to hire you, you must allow them to experience your wisdom and leadership.  
In your initial Strategy Session, Coaching Consultation, Sales Conversation, whatever you call it, you must help them paint a vivid picture of where they want to go, experience the discomfort of where they are now and explore what has kept them from already getting to where they want to go.  Then, you must coach them to clarity as to whether they are now committed to going through their fear and making the necessary changes. If you hear that they are ready and committed, then you must uncover and answer whatever they need to know from you, so that both of you feel energized, excited and committed to you coaching them on that journey. Hire professional salesforce consultants to give a workshop session.
Stay tuned for Part II with the three remaining new mindsets:
3. Champion greatness. Acknowledge fear.
4.  Commit to serving the client being more important than being “nice.”
5.  Choose your “Why” as more compelling than your fear.

Until then, take some time to get to your deep Why and to organize or re-organize your Gift Session so that you’re demonstrating leadership.

As always, feel free to post your deep Why in the comments section below.


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