Allowing Flow: Joy in the Creating Process

Until December 21, I am engaged in a daily intuitive painting practice.  Our assignment a few days ago involved creating a painting and then putting a new painting on top of it.  I’m not sure what the intended purpose was, but something profound happened for me.

We create the paintings with soft pastels and complete them in 21 minutes.  Thus, the need for intuition.  My first painting depicted one of my favorite symbols, the spiral.  It filled the page.  Then for my second painting, I put a simple landscape on top of the spiral.

This painting gives me enormous peace.  And I feel excited.  As I contemplated what it meant to me, I realized it demonstrated two significant things.  

intuitive painting

First, I did not destroy the spiral, like I thought I would.  I simply added a whole new reality on top of it.  Ah, things really don’t die, they simply change form.  The spiral still exists.  I just don’t see it as clearly.

Second, I saw that the spiral depicted spirit, divine consciousness and the landscape depicted form, human consciousness.  And, they co-exist!

Before I created this painting, these two paintings, I knew, I believed that things don’t ever not exist and that they just change form.  I also knew, believed that divine consciousness and human consciousness co-exist. Yet the experience of creating something that depicts it, well, I find that enormously comforting!

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