Thriving Coaches: Have you asked today: Would you like to hire me?

Have you been squirming away from directly asking someone to become your client?

My private clients and coaching colleagues have told me many reasons for not asking.  And yes, I used to use a couple of them myself!

– I don’t want to bother them.
– They’ll ask if they want to work with me.
– I don’t like to sell.
– I shouldn’t have to sell.
– They’ll ask when they’re ready.

All excuses of someone who isn’t committed.

When we are committed, we do what it takes. 

Are you committed to serving this person in front of you?

Are you committed to your financially sustainable and abundant business?  Or, are you trying to be committed without bringing cash in the door?

When you ask the person in front of you if they’d like to become a client, join your program or buy your product, you provide the delicious opportunity for them to commit.  You have asked them for a clear “yes,” “no” or “here’s what I’m considering and here’s by when I will commit to yes or no.” 

They may not yet be comfortable with committing.  They may squirm.  They may be in the process of getting comfortable with discomfort.

And, they may be thrilled that you asked so that they get to be in the process of committing – to a clear and true yes or no.  The clarity and truth of commitment empowers the person who is willing to stand in that clarity and truth.

When you ask, you give the person in front of you a gift – the opportunity to truly self-empower with a clear and true yes or no.  This is not something that is done often.  For most of us, we move through our day making, receiving and accepting half-agreements, excuses, hopes, best guesses and uncommitted, empty promises.

When we commit, it feels entirely different inside us and to the people around us.  Think of a time in your life when you knew you would do whatever it took to make something happen.  Did it happen?  Of course it did.  Because you were committed.

Take a moment now to allow yourself to feel how that commitment, devotion and determination felt inside you.  Imagine your work and life if you felt that way most of the time!  You’d feel like a goddess, a wise woman, an avatar.  Perhaps very accurate, indeed.  

– From my new book, Thriving Work

Thriving Work

As you are creating and discovering your thriving coaching business, where is your commitment?

Would you like to buy my book? 🙂

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To your thriving coaching business,

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