Spiritual Clarity: Why Gratitude for This?!

Many years ago, I was introduced to the practice of expressing gratitude for everything – all that I considered “good” and all that I considered “bad.”  As best I understood the idea at the time, I was to practice this because I could never truly know if something was good or bad, so why not just trust God and be grateful for everything?

Today, I practice refraining from immediately judging something as “good” or “bad.”  Some days, my practice is more graceful and grateful than others!  

Recently, I’ve started a conscious practice of expressing gratitude for everything.  I acknowledge and affirm that every experience, indeed every moment, offers a fresh opportunity to express my divinity.

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Every single moment offers us
the opportunity to express
yet another of the
infinite aspects of our divinity . . .

When something “good” (read: something I think I want) happens, I may express aspects of my divinity such as joy, love, enthusiasm, etc.  When something “bad” (read: something I think I don’t want or that I think shouldn’t be that way) happens, I express other aspects of my divinity such as courage, compassion, patience, etc.

Why express gratitude for the “bad” stuff?  

Because from the perspective of our souls, rather than the perspective of our human personalities, there is no “bad.”  Every human interaction is either love or a distortion of love, a cry for love.  I’d rather consciously choose to bring my kindness, understanding and caring to me and/or to the other person involved in a “bad” interaction than bring my anger, judgment and blame.  If the “bad” situation involves circumstance beyond my control like weather, I’d rather express acceptance, creativity and curiosity rather than rail against what I cannot change.

I don’t always choose from my soul perspective.  That’s why I call this undertaking a practice!  Some days my practice is amazing, like I’ve played a piece on the piano flawlessly.  Other days my practice looks more like I forgot I even have a piano!

And still, I am so energized  by more and more consistently choosing to express my divinity in it’s infinite forms no matter what the circumstances.

In deep gratitude for this practice and sharing it with you, I extend you a Happy Thanksgiving!

As always, I invite you to share your own responses and experiences below.

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