“Are You My Mother?”

Recently, I gave a talk at church. I shared a bit of my journey from seeking love in romantic relationships to seeking love in the hills of New Mexico to eventually settling down and realizing I am love.

I highly recommend you allocate 17 minutes to listening.

I didn’t know until I gave the talk that what I was really talking about was letting go of the idea of finding anything outside myself so that I was available to experience what is within me.


Strong from Within. Alas . . . Enjoy!


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And, if you’re inspired, I’d love to hear how it speaks to you . . .

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2 thoughts on ““Are You My Mother?””

  1. Ken, thank you for that huge acknowledgment. You know it’s fascinating – when I listened to the recording myself, I had the strangest sensation that I was listening to a wise teacher, not to me… I’ve given many talks and listened to the recordings and never experienced that before…

  2. Dear Ann,
    Your talk was one of the all-time BEST EVER in the history of that group. Thank you SO much! I am now examining what ways have I been asking, “Are you my Mother?”


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