How Do You Experience Your Unique Divinity?

What if the whole of your life was a contribution to the planet? Not only all the things you do each day, but also your very beingness, your essence, the specificity of your energy . . .

What if the more you engaged with whatever energizes you, then the more delightful energy you’d add to the planet?

What if when you were engaged with whatever drains or depletes you, you allowed that to be okay? Then you’d add more acceptance and allowing to the planet.

How Do You Experience Your Unique Divinity?
Remembering the Light that is always present, even behind ominous storm clouds.

What if you knew, really knew, that every breath you take matters?

If you’re inspired, I’d love to hear how this speaks to you . . .

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Experience Your Unique Divinity?”

  1. This really does speak to me! Your point is one I am moving into more and more, uncovering deeper layers of the onion. Of course, I can’t “prove” objectively that this is true (that my energy, even my every breath, affects the planet and us all), and I do feel it to be true and I sense more and more each day that it is true.

    After all, I AM God, and so are YOU!


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