Attracting Clients: Being of Service and Putting Money in the Bank

I recently heard an interview with Bill Baren, who coaches entrepreneurs, in which he talked about one of his businesses as a kid.  He made good money carrying groceries.  Apparently where he lived, there was a gap between where the grocery shopping cart could go and where the shoppers’ cars were parked.  So, he offered the service of carrying the groceries from the cart to the cars.

In the interview, he talked about paying attention to what his customers each needed specifically and finding out when his best customers shopped, so that he could be there for them.  He built a nice business by paying attention to what service and when to service, then charging for that service and then taking the money to the bank!  How simple.  How often overlooked.

He also talked about how he still does that today.  He pays attention to what specific service his clients want and need, he offers that service to them when they need it, and then he puts the money in the bank.

Listening to his interview challenged me to pay even more attention to what services my clients need.  I love this clean and clear business model.  And I love the direct correlation between offering a valuable service and putting money in the bank.  When I offer services that my clients don’t want or need, then those services aren’t valuable.  Even if I think they are!

So how about you?  Would you like to ask your potential clients what services they are looking for?  Would you like to ask your clients what additional services or deepening of services they want?  Sure beats guessing!  Or worse, thinking we already know – because we know better than our clients and customers!

Feel free to post your findings in the comments.

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