Clear Intention: A Fresh New Day

Happy Spring!

What a delightful time to see ourselves anew.  I am choosing to use this fresh, spring energy to release another layer of self-doubt and self-defeating habits and see myself through new eyes.

I am also practicing extending these new eyes to others.  By consciously choosing the renewal that spring offers, I am – once again – letting go of old judgments and beginning anew.  And, being human, I can sometimes “forget.”  When I notice myself judging or focusing on the less empowered aspects of myself or someone else, I simply use that noticing as my opportunity to call myself back to a fresh, new moment and a fresh, new choice!

As we see ourselves and others in brighter, more empowering light, we actively choose to live and love more from a God-consciousness, rather than from our own limited human consciousness.

Lovely . . .

What does spring elicit from you?

Feel free to post your spring rituals in the comments section . . .

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