Spiritual Awareness: The Power of Our Words

I hired a new business coach in January, Stephen McGhee, because
I was beyond ready to make some major changes in my business and my life.  And, I had gotten willing to do whatever it took to bring my life more into alignment with what I most deeply desired.  I knew he was the guy to help me make that happen, and I have been thrilled to be bringing great things to fruition just a couple of months into our work together.

In fact, for a few days, I had been saying to anyone who would listen, “I am on fire!  Things are going so great.”  I am no longer saying that after waking up one morning with my throat ablaze.  On fire, really.  Oops!

Then I completely lost my voice for a couple of days.  Gave me some inner reflection time, which is when I made the connection between my fiery enthusiasm and my blazing throat.  I also realized that I needed some time to integrate so many good things happening all at once!

My beautiful dance of life continues to amaze me when I’m willing to take full responsibility for creating everything in my life.  I’d like to think that the next time I need a little integration time, I will plan a few quiet days in the New Mexico desert . . .  It probably won’t make as good a story, but it also won’t be quite as painful or debilitating!

Isn’t life cool?!? (Notice my balancing words!)

So what about you?  What have you been creating in your life with the power of your words?

Our “stories” continue to fascinate me . . .   

Feel free to post a segment of yours here on the blog . . .

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