Conscious Choice: In the Abundance of Now

I started to go to that familiar place.
Thinking I needed to do something to make more money.

Then, I smiled.
Remembering to use that worn-out old thought
As a new reminder to seize the juicy Now.

I am here Now.
How am I called to serve Now?
What am I able to do Now?

What gift do I feel called to give?
What act of service do I feel called to?
What inspiration am I called to share?
What encouragement would I like to offer?
To whom do I feel called to give attention?

I am here Now.
Immersed in the abundance in which I
live, move and experience my being.

I am here Now.
No thinking necessary.

I am here Now.

Serving from the abundance that is me.

I am here Now.

– Ann Strong

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