What If We Could Actually Create a New Reality?

A Course of Love tells us that we’ve been creating in response to “reality.” It goes on to tell us that we are now called to create reality – a new reality.

As we here in the United States are about to swear in a new president, it can easily look like we must create something in response to this “reality.” As I look down that road, that looks like fighting, division and righteousness – at best.

What If We Could Actually Create a New Reality?

The road that got us here probably isn’t going to take us where we’d like to go . . .

Which makes me super curious what it means to create a new reality. What if I could create a new reality, not in response to what seems to be “reality?” What if you could? What if we could? What could we do together?!?

I don’t know the answers yet. And, instinctively, it does feel like the right question.

What’s your sense? What’s on your heart and in your mind? I’d love your comments and insights below.

5 thoughts on “What If We Could Actually Create a New Reality?”

  1. Ken, thank you for sharing the poignant MLK quote. It may not be my first tendency to love for what is right rather than fight for what is right, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

  2. Kim, I forgot to say that I got goose bumps as I was reading what you wrote. I’m just beginning to experientially realize how important it is to follow our own compass.

  3. Kim, yes, “dreaming a different dream”! Thank you for reminding us we can do what we prefer instead of what we feel we must respond to.

  4. “Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I agree with Kim above. There are a million things that are true in this moment, and I can choose which one or ones for me to focus on. I choose to choose to focus on the ones I feel good about. Like Kim, “our thoughts are energy,” and “I prefer the energy of love.”

    I was listening to a friend speak very passionately about how we will have to fight for what’s right. That’s like killing people to teach them they shouldn’t kill people.

  5. I love the way you pose this question, Ann. It is all too easy to respond to what is going on around us and what we hear others talking about. It has occurred to me as well that the current “reality” is only perpetuated by the constant thought and talk of the very things that we wish were not so.
    It seems the absolute opposite of our normal mode of operation is what is called for now. I have been experimenting with that for a short amount of time, but am finding it quite refreshing and yielding results that I am happy to welcome.
    So, instead of “facing the truth” and “the things that cannot be changed”, I do the opposite. I forget about “what is” and dream a different dream of what is and will be. Our thoughts are energy that we send out into the world and that energy creates and brings back to us like energy. I prefer the energy of love, abundance, harmony and inner peace over the current mass broadcast.


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