Enrolling Clients: Doing My Part

Last week, I called six of my coaching colleagues to ask them if they have a coaching colleague who is actively looking for more clients and who might be interested in taking my new, nine-month Client Enrollment Immersion Program.  I didn’t reach any of them directly, so I left lovely, informative, succinct voice mail messages.  Or so I thought!  After a few days none of them had called me back.

What, they have their own busy lives?  I’m not their first priority?  Not even in the top ten?  Alas . . .

I could’ve taken it personally.  I started to go there.  But it turns out I didn’t have time!  While impatiently waiting for my colleagues to call back, I got three referrals – one from a current client, one from my coach and one from my hard-working website.  I no longer had time to take anything personally, as I used my time wisely to talk with these three new precious referrals!

Moral of the story?  I need to show up and do my part: call the people I’m inspired to call to fill my program.  Then, I need to get out of the way and allow the Universe to deliver the right people.  Without the slightest concern as to whether or not they came via the route I thought they should!

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