Into the Blue Beyond

It looked like
the end of the road.

The sign read:
Road ends in water.

Ann Strong Into the Blue Beyond

I sat by that sign.
For quite a while.


Oh, the waiting.

Until I realized,
if I believe
this is
the end of the road,
then it is so.

I am still here,
waiting by this sign.

At first,
the view was terrifying.

I was sure
the road would take me
to my death.

As I’ve been sitting here
by this sign,
my perception has shifted.

What if
this road isn’t death?

What if
traveling this road
is rebirth?

What if
traveling by land
is no longer the way?

What if
the water transforms me?

What if
the sky expands me?

Having sat here
for quite awhile,
it no longer seems
so ominous.

The blue
of the water,
the blue
of the sky,
they call me.

I take a deep breath
and answer the call,
moving into
the blue beyond.

Moving into
the blue beyond.

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for transforming crisis into clarity and purpose”)

4 thoughts on “Into the Blue Beyond”

  1. Janice, you are so welcome! It makes my heart happy to know this piece helps you open to a new possibility, a new opportunity, that had once looked like a dead-end road.

    I wonder how often we do that?!?

    Into the Blue Beyond has helped me soften around some of my fixed ideas.

  2. Thank you so much for Into the Blue Beyond. I was very moved by it. It put into words what I have been experiencing lately, which is opening to a new possibility, a new opportunity which once looked like a dead end.

  3. Ken, you know what I’m beginning to realize – I have been generating, creating, demanding, shazaming my whole life. More and more lately, I sense that it’s less about making things happen and more about receiving, recognizing, accepting what already is . . .


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