How Might We Not Take Fear Seriously?

I’ve worked with several clients this week around moving through fear. Fear of making the wrong decision. Fear of being in romantic partnership with the wrong person. Fear the money will run out. Fear of hiring the wrong person. Fear of not getting everything done because the business is growing so quickly.

And, here’s the fascinating thing about the content of the fear. The specifics of what we are afraid of don’t matter. It’s best if we don’t engage with the content.

I can hear you now, “But I must hire the right person.” Yes, absolutely. And when were our best decisions ever made from fear?

So, if you’re experiencing fear right now (or sometime down the road), don’t engage with the content. Simply notice you are having some fear thoughts. A few dark clouds of the mind.

How Might We Not Take Fear Seriously

Isn’t it clear that these dark cloud will be moving on soon?  As with
the dark clouds that wander through our mind from time to time . . .

Allow them to dissipate and move on. When your mood is once again light and hopeful, then revisit whatever decisions need to be made. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that, at that point, no decisions do need to be made or that the decision is obvious.

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for transforming crisis into clarity and purpose”)

2 thoughts on “How Might We Not Take Fear Seriously?”

  1. Ken, you make such a great point about the “little ones.” If I notice my mood has shifted, I take a deep breath, become present with the uncomfortable sensation in my body and often that is enough to release the fear. So great!

  2. For me, it is easier to catch this dynamic on the bigger issues, and I am noticing more and more how much it shows up in the really small everyday issues! If I am upset about some little thing, another driver or a chance remark from someone, etc., what is it that I am afraid of? Once I am completely enlightened and perfect (!?!) I will be able to catch all these tiny ones in the very moment, and switch from fear to love on the spot.


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