How Do We Stop Overwhelm?

In the past week, I have had so much coming toward me, from so many directions that I completely bypassed overwhelm and went right to surrender. Several of my coaching clients also have been startled by what seems like chaos.

More than 10 years ago, I wrote a self-study coaching e-course, Steady in the Wind. We may need that course right now! I’m going to dust it off and share more with you next week.

In the meantime I offer you this.

When I am still and present with these vibrant beauties, all is well . . .

Radical Stillness

Breathing deeply,
I allow myself to move toward stillness.

Ah, the irony,
Moving toward stillness.

This awareness of how much
I am programmed to move and do
When my heart and soul call me to slow and still.

In the stillness,
I feel my heart beat.

In the stillness,
My breathing deepens.

In the stillness,
My mind chatter drops away.

In the stillness,
There is no lack, no longing.

In the stillness,
I am One with All that Is.

In the stillness.
In the stillness.

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for transforming crisis into clarity and purpose”)

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