Sacred Space: What Could Be Possible with a Pause?

For the past few weeks, my life and work have been far busier than usual. In many ways, it’s felt uncomfortable.  And at the same time, I am awed as I notice how much more capacity I have than I believed I had.

Because I tend toward introversion and require space and quiet to recharge, I have often actively avoided filling my schedule.  Right now, my schedule seems to have a mind of its own, almost as if my soul has taken the reins from my personality.

To a certain degree, I have surrendered to this new pace.  And, I still require that space and quiet.  So, I’m learning to experience it in a moment, rather than in an afternoon.

It looks something like this.  What if before I rush out the door, I pause, take a few breaths, become present and check in to see what else I need to take or do before I leave?  What if before I snap at the person in front of me, I pause, take a few breaths, become present and then speak?  What if when I feel like I just can’t do one more thing, I pause, take a few breaths, become present and then do the one more thing?!?

What could be possible with a pause?  Anything I desire in a moment.

What could be possible for you with a pause?   If you pause, take a few breaths and become present, anything you desire is possible for you, too.  What if you pause, take a few breaths, become present and think about that for a moment?  What do you desire in this moment?

When we allow ourselves to pause and become present to ourselves, we can create anything we desire. Becoming present in the present moment, gives us the only moment there ever is.  Our pause connects us to the Eternal Now.  No anxiety about the past.  No fear about the future.

Only Now.

Which makes the state of my schedule irrelevant.  Ah, my soul at work!

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