Find Your Strongest Life: If Not Stronger, then Weaker

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I started a new daily practice of beginning my day with a randomly chosen affirmative prayer from my own book, Thriving Work. Since I’ve done it only about every other day, I’ve gotten to experience the difference between starting my day with a prayer focus and starting my day without one.

I’ve done the research.  Let’s just say, I would be well advised to not leave home without a prayer focus.  What a difference it makes to pause for a minute or two to focus on my Divinity and my boundless capacity.

While Thriving Work offers me 33 prayers, it doesn’t seem to matter which one I turn to.  All of them call me to the stronger me, the better-person me.

And today it occurred to me: If I’m not focused on the stronger me, then I’m weaker.  That startled me. 

It’s a choice.

If we don't choose Strong, we choose weak by default.

If we don’t choose Strong, we choose weak by default.

I choose Strong.  Daily.  Why would I do something so wonderful and easy only every other day?  Ah, to be human.

What about you?  What daily practice could you put in place to more consistently choose Strong You?

I share today’s prayer with you:

Move Me

Dear God, move me.
Dear God, use me.
Dear God, may I lose me
To your Divinity.

Dear God, I give you my fear,
My doubt,
My hesitation,
My resistance,
My desire to stay small, play safe,

Dear God, may I lose me
To your Divinity.
Dear God, use me.
Dear God, move me.

– – – – – – – – – –

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