Mindfulness: Whose Exceptional Natural Capacity

For almost a year now, I have been working toward launching my wonderful new brand and program, Free Your G, into the world.  Why has it taken so long?  Impatient by nature, I have asked this question repeatedly.  Only to hear echoed back from the beyond, “It takes as long as it takes.”

You notice even now that I am telling you about it, rather than launching it – whatever launching means!  And, I am beginning to have a sense of why the very long “launch.”

Free Your G.  Free Your Genius.

I cannot count how many people have told me some variation of, “I don’t have a Genius.  I don’t know about Genius.  I’m not a Genius.”

How can we free what we don’t know exists?

So, for the last year I have been in this huge inquiry.  Why don’t people know they have a Genius?  How can I help them know?  Once they know, what will it take for them to free it?!?

Finally, as a bit of a last resort, I turned to the dictionary.  One of the definitions of Genius: an exceptional natural capacity. 

Eureka, I get it!!!  It’s the exceptional coupled with natural that thows us off.  “Well of course I’m good (read: exceptional) at (fill in the blank).  Isn’t everybody? (Because it’s natural to me, I assume it’s natural to everybody.)

Whose exceptional natural capacity?  YOURS.  Maybe only yours.  Among 7 billion people.  Now that’s Genius!

To transform your experience of yourself and your life, take some time to consider: in what areas of my life and work do I have exceptional natural capacity?


Our Genius tends to elude us just as the fish isn’t
particularly aware that he’s in water.

If it doesn’t come to you right away, stick with it.  Like a fish who has a exceptional natural capacity to live in water, we don’t know that our Genius is exceptional because it is what we know.  What we’ve always known.

With you as my witness, in 2014 Free Your G is coming out of the water and boldly launching into the world!

Will you join me and make 2014 the year of your Genius?  I would love to hasten your discovery process and help you to quickly see into your blind spots!

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Curious about getting your Genius out of the water and front and center in your awareness?

Call me to talk about my Genius Playshop and Genius Coaching to uncover and activate your Genius – yes you have one.  Maybe more than one!

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