Spiritual Growth: Am I a Victim or Creator/Owner?

Steve Chandler writes extensively on the distinction between victim and owner.  Recently, within a few days, I gave myself the opportunity to look in this mirror several times!  I noticed myself behaving as a victim when I thought, “nothing can be done.”  I felt myself take ownership when I began to create a possible new way.

How often do we hear victim language:
“I can’t because . . .
. . . of the economy.”
. . . he/she wouldn’t like it.”
. . . I don’t have the money.”
. . . I’m not sure of my schedule.”

Victim language and mindset is the norm.  Most people live from the victim mindset without even realizing it.

Perhaps 5 to 10% of people consistently live from the Creator/Owner mindset.  Which explains why far less often do we hear:
“I’d love to, you can count on me because . . .
. . . people need my services more than ever in this economy.”
. . . I’m excited about this project and I’m committed
to making it happen.”
. . . I will get resourceful and find/create the money.”
. . . I will make the time.  You can count on me.”

Spiritual growth lessons from a master, Jasmine

The newest addition to our family, Jasmine, teaches me every day about being the creator of her life!  My spiritual growth involves allowing her to choose the great outdoors most of the time – even when I notice she rarely looks both ways before crossing the street!

My life and business are getting better every day as I continue to expand my awareness around the times I’m still living from a victim mindset and I make the shift to Creator/Owner right in that moment.  I recently realized that judging myself when I notice myself speaking or acting as a victim is a subtle way to stay in victim!  When I am in Creator/Owner mindset, I am compassionate and accepting of what is, even as I am “upgrading” what is!  

How would your life and business radically shift if you made a commitment to yourself right now to step fully, with both feet, into the shoes of the powerful Creator/Owner that you truly are?

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