Creator/Owner Mindset: What If No One Is To Blame?

I’ve spent a fair amount of my life angry at or disappointed by other people.  When I read in Greg Baer’s book, “Real Love,” that both anger and disappointment indicate a lack of real love – unconditional love – I got mad at him and put the book down, none too gently!  Mad because I knew it was true.  And, mad at myself because I live so far from unconditional love so much of the time.

Spiritual growth: Real Love by Greg Baer

Thank goodness I’m a pragmatist.  One day it dawned on me that being mad at someone else and being mad at myself don’t give me the life I desire.  

Even when I don’t love as fully as I would like, how does loving even less – being mad – help me love more, live more?

What if I quit blaming?  What if I practice acceptance and compassion when I feel disappointed by others?  What if I notice that feeling disappointed by others always indicates disappointment with myself?  What if I then remind myself that I am devoted to a life of love, freedom, generosity, expression, acceptance, compassion and joy?

I am reminded of a line from “A Course in Miracles,”everything is love or a cry for love.”  What if, moment by moment, day by day, I use any anger or disappointment as a reminder to do what works?  Choose love instead.

Spiritual growth: A Course in Miracles

How about you?  Care to join me? 

Simple.  Not always easy.  With the pause of a deep breath, possible.

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