Spiritual Growth: Creator/Owner Mindset – Choose, Commit, Consecrate

To select from a number of possibilities.

To promise or engage oneself.

To declare sacred.

We create our own lives when we choose, commit and consecrate, no longer the victim of whatever or whomever comes our way.

My 18-year-old nephew, Jared, is staying with me for awhile as he gets started in his first job.  When he isn’t working, or sleeping, he’s writing rap lyrics.  For hours every day.

IMG 0334
One page, from one of many notebooks.  The words flow, without a single hesitation or cross-out.

He could be playing basketball, running the streets, playing video games, attending college, chasing girls or choosing from all the possibilities presented to a high school graduate.  He’s chosen to write rap lyrics.  Page after page, notebook after notebook.

He engages himself every day.  He is committed and devoted.

He has declared this work sacred.  He is mowing lawns to earn the money to buy recording equipment.

Before he came to stay with me in Colorado, he lived in southern California with his parents, where he grew up.  When I visited, he seemed a bit aimless.  Watching him today, I am humbled by his creator/owner mindset.  He is charting his course and working toward his dream every day.

What about you?

In what area of your life, are you feeling called to choose, commit and consecrate?

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