Spiritual Growth: Put Your Best Self in Charge, part II

Last week, we talked about our many, often competing, voices inside.

Which one of those inner characters do we want running our businesses, or our lives for that matter?  Ideally, our best self.

How do we gain more consistent access to our best self?  Being more aware of what elicits her or him.  And, practice.

For greater awareness: here are some questions to ponder and some practices to put in place.

What environment calls forth my best self?
For many of us, it involves being out in nature in some way and/or being physical in some way.

The spiritual growth of putting your best self in charge.
One of my favorite places that naturally and consistently evokes the best of me. City Park; Denver, Colorado; affectionately known as “my big back yard,” two blocks from my house.

What can I read or listen to that speaks to my best self?
I keep certain books handy and specific songs on constant repeat in my iTunes.  Most of us naturally respond to reading or music that inspires and uplifts us.

What spiritual practices naturally evokes my best self?
Many people automatically access their best self through prayer, meditation, yoga or chanting. Or by listening to or playing spiritual music.  Even for those of us who don’t consider ourselves spiritual or religious, we often respond to quiet time, being in nature, pushing ourselves physically, journaling, playing with our kids or the dog . . .

With whom does your best self almost always want to come out and play?
I can almost always count of on my best self showing up when I’m with one of my best friends or my niece.  One of my clients’ best self shows up with her husband.  Another with her daughter.

What time of day does my best self gravitate toward?
For most people, our best self tends to be more available to us either first thing in the morning or late at night.

To become more aware of who inside you is making a decision, ask yourself as you are making a decision, “what part of me, who, is making this decision?”

Then, before you make important decisions in your business or in your life, take the time to make sure you have consciously chosen to put your best self in charge.

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