Spiritual Growth: Put Your Best Self in Charge, part I

Last week, we talked about the many faces of resistance.  Right after that I was reminded by a prospective client about the many voices inside who all want to run the show.

When I asked her how she made her important business decisions, she replied, “It depends on the day.” I totally appreciated her honest, human response. 

It took me back to a conversation I had many years ago with a therapist friend.  In that conversation, I realized that my inner 5-year-old was running my business. 

Naturally, things weren’t going as well as I would have liked!  That day, I made a conscious decision to get my wiser adult self in the CEO chair.

Just like resistance has many faces and outfits, we have many, often competing, voices inside.

Some of mine and my clients’ that have been less than helpful in running our businesses:

  • The whiny 5-year-old who wants what she wants now, no matter the cost.
  • The rebellious teenage who can create chaos in record time.
  • The terrified non-believer who is scared to do anything.
  • The harden skeptic who doesn’t want to bother because it probably won’t work anyway.
  • The prima donna who won’t do anything she doesn’t feel like doing.
  • The miser who doesn’t want to spend anything and isn’t interested in talking about investing.
  • The angry victim who ruins relationships and blames the other person.

The spiritual growth of putting our best self in charge.

Probably not the best “character” to have running
our business . . .

The good news: once we realize that one of these colorful inner characters is making decisions, we can make a decision to put someone else in charge.

So, who do we want running our businesses, or our lives, for that matter?  Ideally, our best self.

How do we more consistently gain access to our best self?

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