Spiritual retreat: observations and ponderings (day 11)

I’ve just returned from four days of personal, spiritual retreat with a meditation focus in the New Mexico desert. I’ve been on many such retreats and every time I’m there, I tell myself I MUST do it more often.

All that quiet, all that open space, all that natural beauty, all that allows me to drop into meditation as I walk, as I eat, as I contemplate . . . simply being there, breathing, walking, soaking it in . . .

When I’m there, I feel most naturally me. I know God in every moment, whereas in the city, I don’t tend to notice God in every moment.

Is it easiest to know God in nature or is it specific to each person? I would love to hear from you. Where and/or when do you feel most naturally you? When do you most notice God?

I also love spiritual retreat because I’ve given myself time to just be and then notice what I’m drawn to – usually in the form of reading, writing or projects. I feel as though I am challenging myself with, “Who am I without computer or television?”

On this particular spiritual retreat I found myself drawn to spending time to really take in responses from my client survey, asking Spirit to help me know what’s most important for me to know. What could I learn about what people most value and appreciate from me? What could that tell me about how I can better serve?

I also found that finishing Seth Godin’s book, Tribes, gave me some wonderful clues about leadership and how I might best lead.

On one of my walks, I spontaneously created the Ann Strong Roadside Beautification Project and collected 96 (But who’s counting?) cans and bottles from a 1/2 mile stretch. Great exercise and a beautiful outcome! And, more road to cover on my next spiritual retreat! Ah, job security . . .

And, I wrote a tribute.


The Earth’s Joy

Surrounded by the Earth’s unfettered
majesty and beauty,
I give thanks to the glory of God.

Cradled in Her presence,
Fed by Her bounty,
I give thanks to the abundance of God.

Rejuvenated by Her full acceptance,
Refocused by Her clarity and grounding,
I give thanks to the love of God.

Inspired by Her quiet power,
Awed by Her radiant simplicity,
I give thanks for knowing I am one with God.

Dedicated to Sunshine Valley, NM
Sangre de Cristo Mountains

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