How Do We Stop Election Fear from Within?

One of my mentors, Dicken Bettinger, posted thoughts on Facebook worth repeating here today.

“The real question is not what will happen as a result of this election.

Politicians do not determine the overall level of well-being of those who live in their country.

To me, the real questions are:

  • Can we look within and set aside our judgmental thoughts of others?
  • Can we find love and understanding in our hearts?
  • Can we bring these feelings to each other, especially those who disagree with us?
  • Can we find tolerance deep in our souls, especially for those who see life differently than we do?
  • Can we find within us the spirit of cooperation that is based on tolerance and respect so that we can truly work together to create a society that is looking out for what is best for the whole rather than just our own self-interests?

How Do We Stop Election Fear from Within?

The problems of the world ultimately will not be resolved on a political level. The problems of the world will ultimately be resolved only by each of us bringing more love and understanding into the world.

May we all get better at listening for, and to, the inner wisdom that continues to guide us toward a more peaceful and loving world community.”

Dicken Bettinger, originally published on Facebook

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4 thoughts on “How Do We Stop Election Fear from Within?”

  1. Ken, oh my, I have also been guilty or marginalizing them for marginalizing others. I notice that it is way past time to drop the idea that there is a “them” out there . . .

  2. I for sure (and I expect many others) was guilty of practicing what I was complaining about. I marginalized “them” for marginalizing others—how clever is THAT!

    This past 3 days I have been in a workshop with one of “them” and I got to see up close and personal that he really is a good person with a lot to offer, in spite of my immediate reaction to want to sit farther away.

    Once again, I am learning and relearning to go for what I want rather than trying to avoid or eliminate what I don’t want.

    As Bill said above, Thanks Ann and Dick…

  3. Thanks Ann & Dick for expanding the profound truth, how life tends to reflect our inner state, we do become how and what we think!

    Bill x


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