StrengthsFinder™: making the world a better place (day 16)

While walking in the park today, I thought about my client who’s on a snowshoeing trip this weekend with some friends.  During our last coaching session, she was excited to learn about the StrengthsFinder™ assessment and share it with her friends so that they could all take it and talk about it over the weekend. 

Then I realized that just in the last month, one of my clients and her husband and daughter all took the assessment and talked about each of their strengths.  Another of my clients is going to take it with her two business partners so that they can all be more aware of each others’ strengths.  And yet another client took it and had her two sister’s take it so they could support each other around their strength’s on their annual birthday trip together.  Me and my three sisters gave each other examples of when and in what situations we see the others’ strengths clearly on our annual sister’s ski trip a few weeks ago.

While walking, I realized that even though I don’t tend to be much of a group person, I am facilitating (behind the scenes) lots of conversations around people’s strengths.  As I realize the impact of more people living and working from their strengths more of the time, I get super excited!  What a better place the world becomes as more and more of us contribute to it from our strengths.

When Gallup surveyed millions of people, they found that only one-third felt they had the opportunity to do what they do best every day at work. 

I had the displeasure of dealing with several in the other two-thirds this past week.  So, I’m on a bit of a mission to get more people living and working from their strengths!

If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, I highly recommend that you do.  I guarantee you willl thank me!!!

(Don’t buy a used book.  You need an unused code from the back of the book to go online to take the assessment.)

Here’s to that wonderful world in which we all fully utilize our natural strengths and talents . . . 

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