Transformation: Feeling Uncomfortable Right Now?

There is always only one thing between any one of us and all we desire – discomfort.

If we are up to something big and moving through a transition, starting something new and/or releasing something that no longer serves, we tend to feel excited, anxious, scared, happy and downright uncomfortable all at the same time!  Even though all of these emotions can tend to make us feel a bit crazy, they are perfectly normal.

And, it’s an ideal time to partner with a coach to help you navigate your inner landscape as well as consciously and powerfully put into place all of the new, empowering habits to support you in your new situation.

I only start with a new coaching client after we’ve had a deep conversation and you’ve experienced my coaching. We need to agree that together we are a great fit, especially during the discomfort phase.  Because when you and I align our commitment to doing what it takes to move through the discomfort, then you will get amazing results – all you desire in your new life and work . . . and then some!

Sadly, most people aren’t willing to hang in there through the discomfort preceding the transformation.  Some won’t even start the process.

Transformation, Happiness, Spiritual Growth, Creating Your Own Reality
Navigating transition can often feel like moving through sludge or trying to see our way through fog. With a coach partner at your side, you can move through transition with mindfulness and confidence . . .

I have created a new one-on-one, short-term Mindful Transition coaching program.  Send me an email if you’d like to schedule a conversation to see if we’d be a good fit for your situation.

The conversation will be my gift and you’ll receive huge value even if we choose not to work together further after that conversation.  If you just felt a nudge to talk with me, don’t step over it. Give yourself the gift of emailing me now . . .


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– Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach and Author of
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