What if Where You Focus Determines the Quality of Your Life?

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What do you see? The light, fluffy, hopeful clouds in the middle? The sunshine way off in the distance? The ominous, dark clouds at the top?

I love this photo as a metaphor for life. Or more accurately, how we think about and perceive life.

Do I want to focus on and worry about the possible storm? In this moment, will I choose the hope and joy of the light, bright fluffy clouds? Will I look for the radiant sun, even if off in the distance?

Or, if I can’t see the sun at all, will I remember that it is always shining? If I can see only a dark and stormy threat, can I give myself love and compassion in that moment? And, know that, “this too shall pass?”

What about you? How are you perceiving life right now?

2 thoughts on “What if Where You Focus Determines the Quality of Your Life?”

  1. Thanks for a timely reminder Ann, especially as we have been in theses dull times in the northern hemisphere! I use the Glass Half Full metaphor in my lectures…but how important the super strength of Focus is! I guess as a cognitive psychologist, Perception is key, but then how we behave, react etc will lead us forward. We are continuing to count our blessings as more Grandchildren are added and yes we do work with and love them to give the best possible chance, I believe the most powerful thing we can do is Love one and other! Best wishes for your fine work 2020 x


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