Affirmative Prayer: Ecstatic Union

As I start to look “over there”
to find my happiness,
I take a deep breath and pause.

I open my eyes more fully
as I begin to breathe more slowly.
And I see.
I feel.
I know.
From deep within.
Ecstatic Union.

Ecstatic Union with my breath.
Ecstatic Union with myself.
Ecstatic Union with the Divine.
Ecstatic Union with All That Is.

Ecstatic Union with what is right in front of me.
Ecstatic Union with whomever is right in front of me.

Affirmative prayer: Ecstatic Union, connected to All
Ecstatic Union: Present in this precious moment to all that is . . .

Ecstatic Union with the silence.
Ecstatic Union with every noise.

Ecstatic Union with the darkness.
Ecstatic Union with the radiant Light.

Ecstatic Union with what I would love to run from.
Ecstatic Union with what I’d love to hold onto forever.

Ecstatic Union.
I need not look “over there.”
I am.
Ecstatic Union.

– Ann Strong

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