Applauding “Find Your Strongest Life”

I am so excited about Marcus Buckingham’s newest book and assessment, “Find Your Strongest Life: What the happiest and most successful women do differently.”  As one of the developers of the StrengthsFinder™ assessment, Buckingham has devoted his life to “. . . helping each person identify her strengths, take them seriously, and offer them to the world.” (Marcus Buckingham, “Find Your Strongest Life”)

I can’t wait to share this with you because I’ve devoted my life to helping people more consistently live and work from their best.  A huge part of living and working from our best involves living and working from our strengths: those natural abilities that, when we engage in them, strengthen us!

As an avid fan of StrengthsFinder™ for many years, I am now over the moon about the “Find Your Strongest Life” assessment and book.  In this newest body of work, Buckingham gives us the opportunity to discover the role we were born to play.

The “Find Your Strongest Life” assessment revealed my lead role as teacher (my best quality: my faith in others’ potential) and supporting role as advisor (my best quality: my ability to find a solution).  So confirming and affirming for my role as a life and business coach!  I strongly urge you to take the free “Find Your Strongest Life” assessment to discover your natural roles.

If you haven’t already taken the StrengthsFinder™ assessment to learn your top five natural strengths, I strongly encourage you to do that as well.  No other body of work has so clearly directed my own happiness and fulfillment!

After you’ve taken both the “Find Your Strongest Life” and StrengthsFinder™ assessments and read the books, if you would like one-on-one support with orienting your life and work around your StrengthsFinder™ strengths and your “Find Your Strongest Life” roles, I would be honored to support you in that hugely meaningful process . . . 

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