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As I have been contemplating new products and programs I’d like to offer, I have found myself second myself, wanting to look good, fearing failure and generally resisisting change.  Not much fun . . .

So, I paused to reflect and be with the fears and doubts so that I could move forward from a more centered place, from a place that is more of the best of me.  During that reflection, I wrote this meditation / affirmative prayer to support my process.

I offer it to you now, too, so that it may offer you hope and direction as well!

Recipe for “Instant” Manifestation

Within every desire
is all that we need
to bring that desire to fruition.

As we are ready to surrender
our ego strong-hold on:
•    What we think we know
•    Needing to look good
•    Old habits and patterns that no longer serve
•    What we believe is “the way”
•    Outdated identities that no longer fit
•    Whatever demands we have . . .

And we open to the magic of:
•    Being reborn in a moment
•    Expressing vulnerability and humanness
•    Loving all that is
•    Accepting our good
•    Flowing with change and transition        
•    Allowing ourselves to be all we are meant to be . . .

We are now ready in this moment
to bring our desire into reality. . .

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