Meditation Tips: Taking our Cues from the Season

Happy Autumn!

As we transition to this new season tomorrow, take some time to reflect . . .

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  • What are you harvesting?

    What has grown into what you’ve dreamed it could?  As you meditate and reflect on different aspects of your life: wellness, relationships, career, money, home, personal/spiritual growth, what calls for celebration?

  • What are you ready to till back into the soil?

    As you meditate and reflect on aspects of your life, what has fulfilled its purpose and is ready to “go back to the Earth” to be reborn in a new way?  Or, what didn’t grow as you’d imagined and you now feel ready to release?

  • What yearns to be brought inside (within you) to warm by the fire?

    What ideas, passions, questions might you like to keep close to your heart and hearth right now?  What might be your meditation focus in this season?

  • What might you like to be for Halloween?

    What “character” within you wants to play right now?  What aspect of you would like some time “on stage”?

  • What activities do you most enjoy in this season?

    What autumn activities make your heart happy?  What are your favorite ways to be in nature this time of year?

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