And Then There Were Eight

Thank you so much to all of you who wrote to me after I sent out the piece, “One.” I felt far less alone after hearing from you! If you missed that piece, you can read it here . . .

And Then There Were Eight

Last Saturday I went to my first meeting of the Women Entrepreneurs Santa Fe Network. And now I know 7 more women in Santa Fe!!! And, we have so much in common. Of course there is the obvious – we all have our own businesses. All very cool businesses, I might add. And, several of the women are new to Santa Fe in the last few months.

I am far less alone today than I was one week ago. This morning I had coffee with Cinny, an artisan dressmaker. She introduced me to a wonderful new bakery and coffee shop, Dulce. And now I know who will begin my custom wardrobe in the near future!

Ah . . . the process of bringing new dreams into reality . . . Sometimes I’m very impatient. I think I’m not interested in the process of making new friends. I just want the result of having new friends.

Yet somehow sharing a bit about the process with you has reflected back to me the sweetness in the process – the baby steps, the daily victories, the subtle shaping of a new life, a new me . . .

So, what about you? In what areas of your life or work would you like to bring more of what you were born for into reality? How can I inspire you to savor the journey?

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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6 thoughts on “And Then There Were Eight”

  1. My favorite phrase from your post…the sweetness of the process.
    Oh, boy. If we remember to savor the sweetness, we are in for a juicier feast!

  2. Janet, I had gotten complacent with this, having lived in Denver for so long. I am grateful for the opportunity to begin in this new place from a beginner’s mind perspective.

  3. Cinny, indeed – may we find ways to discover Santa Fe’s magic together. And, thank you for the delightful image of creating a nest here!

  4. Ann! What a treat this morning to arrive at my email time, coffee in hand, to your lovely posting! And find not just an anonymous reference, but my name! You sweet thing. Thank you, again, for your kind words. In the short time I’ve come to know you I can see that you truly are “born for this”. Your gift of empathy runs deep and pure and I can see you padding a comfortable nest here in Santa Fe.

    I, too, resonate with your desire to just “wanting the results of having new friends.” Creating a new circle can be an exhausting task, but an extremely important one for women. Thank you for joining my fresh, new circle. Welcome to Santa Fe, my friend. May we find ways to discover it’s magic together.


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