What’s the Extraordinary Value of a Focus for the New Year?

In addition to, or sometimes instead of, helping my clients set goals for the new year, I also help them discover their theme to focus on for the year. They often receive the theme “out of the blue.”

This is what gives the focus/theme extraordinary value. Instead of methodically and intellectually determining our goals, we intuitively and mysteriously receive our focus/theme. It gives us a very broad and deep approach to our own growth and development.

One of my clients received Listening as her focus for the new year. Another client’s focus is Being Her Own Best Friend. Mine is Seeing Anew.

What’s the Extraordinary Value of a Focus for the New Year?

I received mine on the eve of the Solstice. One of the things I’ve noticed since then is how habitually I think I know what it is I’m seeing. I love that I’m already beginning to naturally ask myself, “What is really here? What else can I see? When I look through my Eyes of Love, my Christ Eyes, what do I see?”

So what about you? Did a focus or theme come to you as you were reading this? Did you already know yours? If not, are you willing to receive yours?

As always, I’d love your thoughts and comments below.

4 thoughts on “What’s the Extraordinary Value of a Focus for the New Year?”

  1. Pam, thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing what’s going on for you. Thank you for being willing to come out from behind the masks. I acknowledge and appreciate you in your beautiful authenticity.

  2. I love this post Ann! My theme for 2017 is forgiveness. I have not been good at this in the past. Having experienced the most painful year of my life in 2016, I have come “to see” that some of my defense mechanism and judgments were so firmly in place and what I ultimately created were barriers with the result of being unable to connect to myself and others!

    My life is now about a deeper and deeper level of self-love and forgiveness is a huge piece of this pie. Forgiveness releases old judgments, allows me to “feel” whatever comes up and how to respect, love and be present for each and every aspect of who I am! I have never done that before. It has always been about being happy when around others and not letting “them” see me sweat and all I was doing was stuffing down feelings, my past and my losses, for years. All I created were masks, many masks so that others would not see the gaping holes inside of me.

    I commit to being, loving and honoring myself which deepens my connection with the Divine. As I integrate all that I am, being visible and seen will be much more authentic!

    Thank you Ann

  3. I have a friend who says that what makes him tick is helping to create world peace. I suspect it would be more accurate for him to say he likes how he feels when working toward world peace.

    For myself, I have decided to cut out the “middle man” idea and focus on feeling good directly. If I like how I feel when creating world peace, great. If I like how I feel when I choose to take a nap instead, great.

    This isn’t the “have another candy bar” feeling good. I can tell the difference between honoring and celebrating myself vs not.

    So, my focus for this year is feeling good, feeling good about myself, and being happy!


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