Happiness: Better Thought, Better Mood

In his book, “The Relationship Handbook,” George Pransky tells us that thoughts generate moods and emotions.

To instantly put yourself in a better mood, change your thought or drop your thought.  

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Hard to imagine any thoughts that would cause negative emotions as I look at this sleeping angel!

When I think my cat’s annoying me by circling my feet as I make dinner, I feel frustrated.  When I think my cat’s doing what cat’s do, my emotions neutralize.  When I think my cat is a loyal companion, I feel warm and friendly.

Which thought do I choose to think?

Changing or dropping a thought in a moment isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it seems impossible.  And, I have found it to be an incredibly rewarding practice.

Our egos can create havoc with this one!  “But, my cat shouldn’t try to get food while I’m making dinner.  I just fed him.”  Okay, would I rather be in a bad mood or change my thought?  Of course, in this case, I can also employ all my best cat training techniques!

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