What Is the Right Place to Be Looking for Love?

A basket full of bread sits on your head; yet you go from door to door begging for crusts. Attend to your own head. Knock on your heart’s door.”
~ Rumi

No doubt Johnny Lee’s country song “Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Places” was inspired by Rumi! Here’s the thing, in his song, he references lookin’ into too many faces. Rumi tells us where to find the right face – directly beneath the basket of bread on our own head.

It’s wonderful to notice love and receive love from our loved ones, from all those around us, from complete strangers . . .

And, sometimes they’re preoccupied in their own worlds. Indeed, sometimes we ourselves are preoccupied and forget to love ourselves.

What Is the Right Place to Be Looking for Love?

May a basket of bread always remind us of all the love in our hearts, overflowing with love for ourselves.

Yet in any moment, with one new breath, we can simply remember the basket of fresh bread on our head and receive the nourishment and love of our own hearts.

As always, please post your thoughts and comments below …

2 comments to What Is the Right Place to Be Looking for Love?

  • Ann Strong

    Ken, you are so welcome!

    Somehow, my mind hopped to Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” He must not have known when he wrote it that Heaven’s Door is his own heart. 🙂

  • Ken

    A great reminder, Thanks! And perfectly aligned with everything I’ve been reading lately…

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