Spiritual Awareness: Authentic self vs. Authentic Self

Recently, I’ve had no patience for conversations about authentic marketing, authenticity in social media or authenticity as a value.  This seemed strange to me since I deeply value living and working authentically.

So, I got curious about finding the disconnect.

And, I am thrilled to have been richly rewarded.  

At the beginning of my recent mid-summer trip to Phoenix, I complained bitterly to all who would listen about the oppressive wall of heat.  Then, I met one of my clients, Doug Hecker, for lunch.  He politely and firmly told me, “We don’t talk about the heat.  There’s nothing we can do about it, so we ignore it and focus on what we like.”


And, how great to have clients who teach me so much!

Let me explain: The authenticity of my personality required me to complain about the heat because I am a person who hates heat.  

The authenticity of my Self, the part of me who’s made in the image and likeness of God, involves focusing on the good and a positive mental attitude. 

My main purpose for going to Phoenix: to meet my coach,
Stephen McGhee’s,
coach Steve Hardison – one of the most remarkably authentic people I’ve ever met – more than worth all my heat discomfort.  And, oh, the delicious chilled cilantro-lime crab dip at The Herb Box and  the yummy sweet potato and zucchini fries at ZinBurger.  And the amazing people I got to spend time with – including two married couples who have been married more than three decades and still adore each other and love spending time together!  And, oh, the gorgeous desert views from my friend,
Judy Flynn’s rooftop – which I enjoyed each morning at sunrise when it was only a cool 90 degrees!

More spiritual awareness from a warm rooftop!
What a powerful spiritual awareness to realize that the most authentic me comes from my Higher Self, not my personality! How freeing to enjoy this stupendous view from Judy’s rooftop deck in Scottsdale even though I think I feel too hot!

Wow! Did I get a visceral experience of choosing my authenticity from a higher place!  Who knew there even was such a thing?

I’d love to hear your experiences.  In what specific situation might you have noticed yourself living authentically from your personality rather than your Higher Self?  In that kind of situation in the future, how can you shift to living authentically from your Self?  

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