Spiritual Awareness: To Serve as Me

“You must swing to lead. I was sitting at a baseball game last week and something became intuitively obvious. Sitting back and playing it safe is for sissies! I think that’s especially true in a tough economy. The more constricted a leader, the further constrained his/her business.”
– Stephen McGhee

Dad pitches to his son
Most of us didn’t receive the spiritual awareness or learning as we grew up that the joy and freedom of the game far outweighs the risk of losing or looking silly.

Playing it safe IS for sissies!  Thank you, Stephen, for pointing out the intuitively obvious.

As my spiritual awareness increases, I’ve noticed for myself that as I have gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable – A LOT – then eventually I have become comfortable in what used to be uncomfortable.  And then, there is the next level of discomfort to get comfortable in . . .  Can you follow that?!

My swings only turn into home runs as I am willing to be vulnerable to possibly failing, looking stupid or feeling terrifyingly inadequate.

How is your own spiritual awareness growing?  Where in your life do you feel scared to step up to the plate?  

Creating a new business program?  Letting go of a power struggle with a relative?  Surrendering into unconditional love of your partner?  Telling the truth about yourself when admitting a weakness?

I tend to jump in with both feet.  I am actively engaged in all of the above right now!  And, I have never felt more alive.  Or more myself. Or more scared at times.

Let the next game begin . . .

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