Spiritual clarity: Allowing flow

“Imagine that you could plug yourself into a socket that would tap into the electric current of the universe.  Because source energy is indivisible and boundless, this would give you access to an unlimited supply of energy that only you could limit or stop its flow.  Well, in fact, you are plugged in, and you are responsible for the level of flow you experience.”

– Ernest Chu
From the book, Soul Currency

Oh what rich balm for my spirit as I realize I have been limiting my own flow recently!  While meeting with my coach, Peleg, I heard myself telling him about the “burden” of all I have to do in my business right now.  And, I was talking about things I love to do – like writing this blog, speaking, teaching.

Somehow playing on Twitter had become comparing myself to everyone on Twitter.  I wasn’t “doing enough,” I wasn’t offering anything new, I was just adding to the noise.

Don’t go down that road.  It doesn’t go anywhere any of us want to go!

By synching up with this comparison monster, what I really did: cut myself off from my flow, from source, from my spiritual clarity, from the deep knowing of the intrinsic value of my unique contribution. 

With this realization, I am BACK!  Back to me, back to my flow, back to my source, back in my own power, without concern for how I “measure up.”

Thank God!  Thank you, Peleg.  Thank you, Ernest.  Thank you, Ann. 

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