Spiritual clarity: From the abundance and beauty of hollyhocks

Recently, I heard my spiritual mentor, Michael Beckwith, say, “Supply is infinite and invisible.  Money and things are not supply.  They are evidence of supply.  Just like an apple is evidence of supply from the apple tree.  Picking an apple does not represent loss of supply, just as circulating money doesn’t represent loss of supply.”

I know that what he says is Truth.  And yet, I sometimes find myself behaving contrary to what I know.  Even though I absolutely know there is an infinite supply of apples or pears or cucumbers or whatever I need in this moment, I may hoard or ration or worry about eating the apple.

As I drove to the grocery store today – to get more apples, of course – I noticed the most exquisite, red and pink hollyhock flowers growing in a neighbor’s yard.  As I enjoyed their abundance and beauty, I had to laugh to myself as I realized that those hollyhocks do not spend a minute hoarding, rationing or worrying.  They simply grow into the very best version of themselves that they can with the resources they have in each moment.  Ah, that our human lives could be so simple and grace-filled . . .

That is my desire for us today: that we allow ourselves to be “as the lilies of the field, toiling not . . . ,” that we allow ourselves to be as the hollyhocks of my neighbors yard and to receive the grace and bounty of infinite and invisible supply without hoarding, rationing or worrying . . .  

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