Spiritual Growth: The Potency of the Season

The last few weeks of the year offer us a rich opportunity for contemplation and reflection as well as a fertile time for planting new seeds to grow in the upcoming year.

To offset a bit of my tendency toward impatience, I love to use the time frame of a year – all of the seasons – to notice how I’ve changed and grown.  And then, to set my sights on how I would like to continue to uncover and express more of me in the year to come.

If you’d like to join me, here are some of the things I love to
consider . . .

With little judgment and criticism and lots of curiosity and generosity, what were the highlights of 2010 for you?  What made those events meaningful to you?  In what areas did you grow the most?  Breakthroughs?  Transformation?  What new discoveries did you make about yourself?  How did you express yourself more fully?

As you look forward to 2011, what excites you the most?  As you imagine your conversation with yourself a year from now on December 28, 2011, what thrills you to have brought into reality in your world?  What makes that important to you?

Spiritual growth of making ourselves as we desire.

At age 15, I made this plaque for my grandma – apparently already aware of our spiritual growth potential!

What qualities of being would you most like to cultivate in the next year?  Is a theme or a focus calling you?

In Mike Dooley’s new book, “Manifesting Change,” he says it couldn’t be easier.  Get clear on what you desire, move in that direction and let the Universe handle the details.

My two big commitments for 2011:
– Deepening self-love
– Expanding self-expression

I’ll be taking time this week to write down some specifics of what I desire in 2011.

Care to join me?  

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