Spiritual inspiriation: From the Fullness of You

“Pushed out of ourselves, we leave space for
Mystery, for the healing alchemy of God.”

– Sue Monk Kidd
From the book, When the Heart Waits

I have been sitting with this concept this week.
I love the idea of leaving space for Mystery,
yet I cannot seem to embody “the emptiness of me.”
I get it intellectually, yet the knowing of it
escapes me. So, I wrote this meditation focus / affirmative prayer
to solidify a bit of what I do know!

From the Fullness of You

Take time each day
to pull yourself away
from the madness and mayhem of the world,
from the relentless piles and to-do lists
and go within to recharge.

Skip through the park.
Talk with your God.
Commune with the trees.
Listen to the stars.
Play with your children.
Walk with your dog.
Write a poem.
Journal your sorrow.
Eat lunch with attention.

Be here.
Be here now.
From the fullness of you.

When you return to your lists and piles,
return from the fullness of you.

Be with your lists.
Be with your piles.

From the fullness of you.

Bringing to your lists and your piles:
Your God, the trees, the stars, your children and the dog.
Your poem, your sorrow and your attention.

From the fullness of you.



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