Thriving Coaches: Please Less, Charge More

Most coaches are making little or no money.

Because they are far too polite.

Busy trying to please potential clients, they fail to serve them.

All the while, potential clients are hungry for the truth.  Will they like it when they first hear it?  Most won’t.  Some may even get mad.

And, that’s one of the reasons most coaches are too polite.  They don’t want a bunch of potential clients mad at them.

What they fail to realize: the anger is temporary.  And, it certainly isn’t personal.  It often gives way to relief that someone has finally said out loud what the potential client sort of knew, but was afraid to admit.  Then, they become curious about what else the coach knows about their situation.

And, then, a truly amazing thing happens.  That coach signs up a new client.

And, helps the client bring a dream into reality that they haven’t before been able to achieve because no one would help them get real and get past their self-consciousness and self-delusion.

If you are willing to learn this skill of serving rather than pleasing, you will be one of the few coaches helping more people and making way more money!

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