Transformation: Be It to Get It

This week in my kundalini yoga class, my teacher Abby read something that sparked me.  I don’t know exactly what she read and here is what I realized.

To achieve anything, we can go and get it or go and do it OR we can be and get it or be and do it.  Going out uses our masculine nature.  Being uses our feminine nature.  Our culture has supported men and women alike in using and over using only the masculine way.

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As we balance the masculine way of doing with the feminine way of being, we smooth our transitions and create the beingness foundation for moment-to-moment miracles.

For so many of us right now, many areas of our lives involve huge transition and change.  I have found in my own life and work and witnessed in the lives and work of my coaching clients that bringing more beingness to the changes tends to significantly smooth the transition.

We may not have within our control some of our circumstances, yet we always have choice about who we be in any situation.  One of my amazingly courageous clients finds that being present and gentle with herself as she’s grieving a recent loss causes her less suffering.  As I reach out to repair my relationship with my nephew, I am committed to being loving regardless of how he is or how he reacts.  I’m so happy that I’m no longer taking his anger personally.  

So, what about you – what’s your sense of how balancing more feminine beingness with your masculine doingness would impact your life and work?  I have found that I achieve what I desire far more quickly than when I don’t consciously pay attention to how I am being.  And, in the process, I am more loving, more peaceful and more joyful.  Oh yeah, and more accepting of whatever is!

Here’s to our profound personal freedom as we consciously choose how we’d like to be in any moment!  As we be whatever we desire, we achieve or get what we desire . . .  

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