Transformation: Urging Women to Freedom

I just completed Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” program at Why University.  My coach, Janet Redford, facilitated the process as Simon insists that you work with a partner. 

Simon says.  And, Simon certainly was right, at least in my case. Janet easily saw my huge blind spot that I would not have seen on my own.  Warning: do not coach yourself at home alone!

I thought my WHY involved helping us be our best selves.  While that is fundamentally important to me, it’s actually a HOW that supports my much more visceral WHY.

“I inspire and urge women to freedom from innocently self-imposed prisons so we can each thrive from our specific Genius and Godness.”  Free Your G!

Freedom from innocently self-imposed prisons, specific Genius and Godness.  Now those are reasons to get up in the morning!  My reasons.  Uniquely, beautifully and specifically me.

What about you?  And your WHY.

I am writing you now to inspire you and urge you to greater freedom!

Freedom to be your best self. 

Freedom from ways of thinking that tend to keep you from your best self.

Freedom from old ideas and habits that have become ingrained, yet keep your Light at low wattage. 

Freedom from endlessly seeking out and attempting to follow other people’s programs.

Freedom from doing your life and work in a masculine way because we haven’t known how to “succeed” in a feminine way.

I urge you to go to, plunk down your $99 and sign up for Simon’s masterful course.

Just as I have previously urged you repeatedly to buy the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 and take the assessment to learn your Top 5 strengths.

I believe in you, your strengths and your WHY.

I believe that following your unique, beautiful and specific path based on your strengths and your WHY will free you to be more you!

I believe the freedom to be more you will ignite your personal energy, confidence and strength.

Freedom.  Free to be you.  Freeing your G – your specific Genius, your specific feminine Godness or radiant Goddess.

To that end, I have created a juicy new coaching package that we can complete in one day together or over the phone or Skype in 3 or 4 sessions.

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Free Your G!
Internal compass and grounding
We will discover your WHY and combine with your Top 5 strengths to align your internal compass and create a simple, clear and deep grounding for your life and work.

If this calls to you, let’s have a short conversation to see if this coaching is a good fit for you.  My gift.

Check my calendar for availability.

To the delicious freedom of being
more radiantly YOU!


P.S. A couple of ways you’ll know you want to talk with me:

  • you feel restless and sense something new is emerging for you, but don’t yet know what
  • you feel a bit disconnected
  • you’re tired of creating relationships or work that are close, but not quite right.

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